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The Luxury Collection

"Our Mission is to guide our guests on transformative journeys that touch their spirits and enrich their lives."

AGENCY: Marriott International

CLIENT:   The Luxury Collection

ROLE:     Art Direction | UX | Design

DATE:     2018

2018 Gold Award Winner for Websites: Travel & Tourism at the 17th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards 

Like a prolific storyteller, The Luxury Collection brings the journey and narrative of each property to life through intriguing, curated experiences. These carefully crafted moments invite guests to explore a new facet of each distinct destination.


Indigenous: given through each property across the globe, each unique hotel or resort offers an authentic, memorable immersion into the traditions and distinct character of its locale.


Rare: speaks for its unique hotels dedicated to curating the singular and the rarified, cultivating one-of-a-kind details, elements, and experiences in unique, exquisite settings.

Experience: from exquisite local culture, evocative moments and breathtaking scenery The Luxury Collection draws guests in with elements of intrigue and romance, leaving them with an expanded perspective.


The Luxury Collection weaves a highly immersive narrative that guides the guest through the travel experience. While rich and evocative, the tone of voice is never too ornate or convoluted. Utilizing a tone that is more formal than familiar, the language should always engage the seasoned traveler who craves the authentic. 

Matching the insight, experience and expectations of the seasoned traveler, the tone of voice is credible, trustworthy and knowledgeable, highlighting the unique local cultures, customs and traditions of each distinct locale and property. 


Rooted in the indigenous experience of each destination, the tone of voice is meant to transport the guest through evocative storytelling, vivid descriptions and engaging narratives. 


Providing exhaustive and thorough insight into every aspect of the journey, the tone of voice clearly communicates information, leveraging our expertise and our position as the Destination Authority. 



From legendary palaces and remote retreats to timeless modern classics, The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts enable the most discerning traveler to collect a world of experiences. Each storied hotel offers an indigenous allure, telling a unique tale of its distinct destination. 

This pages were designed to give the guest a better understanding on each property and its location. 

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