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Aerial Photography


Showcase your listing from a new perspective by drone for as little as $199!

Professional AA 107 CERTIFIED pilot with experience in photography, videography, and post production.


Render Bar provides aerial video and photography for Real Estate, Commercial Video, Construction Monitoring, GIS/Mapping, Wind Farm, Solar Inspection, Utility Inspection post-production and web solutions. That’s the core of what we do. It’s the collaborative experience and the creative process that sets us apart.

We’ve surrounded ourselves with talented creatives who share our passion to create compelling work. Our clients partner with us to become an integral part of their own unique solution and together we are a relentless creative force. We refuse to settle for what we have accomplished today and strive to create the unimaginable.


Pricing: $199 for 5 Images / $279 for 10 images / $349 for 20 images 

Photos delivered within 2 business days of your appointment. Guaranteed.


Real Estate Photo & Video

Combine beautiful photography and a high style video. Your photographs are edited and optimized for MLS while your video is edited and set to a professionally produced soundtrack.  All of our video products meet broadcast standards and can even be played on TV!


Commercial Video

Renderbar knows what is takes to work in a commercial broadcast or set environment. We have shot several TV, film and independent projects over the years. Our pilots will be able to communicate with your DP, ensuring they get everything they need.  Additional monitors are available at no additional charge.

Choose Us?

Elevate your real estate marketing with our comprehensive aerial photography packages. Contact us today and let us take your property listings to new heights!

  • Experienced and certified drone pilots

  • Cutting-edge drone technology for unparalleled visuals

  • Tailored packages to suit various needs and budgets

  • Quick turnaround times without compromising quality

  • Exceptional customer service and satisfaction guarantee

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