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DATE:     2015

ROLE:     Art Direction | Design

Haldi NYC

Haldi is an acclaimed restaurant in Curry Hill offering a notable variety of fresh and flavorful Indian fare focused on the region of Calcutta.

Haldi Hero Image.png

Haldi was an Indian restaurant opened in 2015 in the heart of Manhattan.  Haldi was imagined to be a cozy, warm inviting space with subdued lighting given by chandeliers of green bottles, pebble and slate stone floors, some red brick walls and kadhai, traditional copper woks, hanging from the ceiling. Fun, yellow metal chairs are the seating, and there are visual accents like a bold colorful mural of a taxi on a Kolkata street and subtlely placed stenciled inspirational words around the room, as well as a part of a wall dedicated to the words “Turmeric Golden Spice”.

We worked with the owners on the logo, menu design and other collateral material for the restaurant.

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